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From Robert Metzger <rmetz...@apache.org>
Subject Transferring security tokens to remote machines
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2015 14:28:34 GMT

I'm a committer at the Apache Flink project.
One of our users asked for adding support for reading from a secured HDFS

Flink has a master-worker model. Since its not really feasible for users to
login with their kerberos credentials on all workers, I wanted to acquire
the security token on the master and send it to all workers.
For that, I wrote the following code to get the tokens in to a byte array:

Credentials credentials = new Credentials();
UserGroupInformation currUsr = UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser();

Collection<Token<? extends TokenIdentifier>> usrTok = currUsr.getTokens();
for(Token<? extends TokenIdentifier> token : usrTok) {
   final Text id = new Text(token.getIdentifier());
   credentials.addToken(id, token);
DataOutputBuffer dob = new DataOutputBuffer();

However, the collection currUsr.getTokens() is empty, hence the output
buffer doesn't contain much data.

I suspect that I didn't fully understand the Hadoop security concepts yet.
It would be great if somebody from the list could clarify how to
properly acquire the tokens.

Also, I was wondering if there is any document describing how the
UserGroupInformation class is working (when is it loading the
credentials, does it only work for Kerberos, ...)



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