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From Venkat Ramakrishnan <venkat.archit...@gmail.com>
Subject Error from Hadoop while running Pig installation
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 14:43:14 GMT
Hi all,

I am facing a few issues while launching pig after the installation
with Hadoop 2.6.0 Windows, which I have mentioned in points (a) through (d)
below. I have also provided the screenshot in the attachment.

(a) Script is unable to locate winutils.exe while looking at bin directory
because of which there's an IO exception

(b) ExecType is set to MAPREDUCE by default. Is there a way I can configure
the ExecType to LOCAL? I am not running MAPREDUCE at this point of time.

(c) Default bootup file is being looked at C:\USERS\VENKAT/.pigbootup. Note
that the last slash is a unix style file separator, and there's nothing in

(d) A couple of deprecation errors and warning about being unable to load
native hadoop library for my platform. And then I get the 'grunt' prompt.

Can someone help out with resolving these issues?



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