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From Amit Mittal <amitmitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Exception in DFSOutputStream.checkClosed: when 39 mapper tasks
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 16:30:11 GMT
Hi All,

Here is an issue (exception in
DFSOutputStream.checkClosed(DFSOutputStream.java:1317)) we are seeing when
running a MapReduce program with 39 input files. Can you please have a
quick look and advise. Cluster has 22 data nodes and dedicated name nodes
and job tracker. Hadoop 2.2, using new MR API.

I am having a Mapper only program which read all the files from a folder in
HDFS, process them and write its output to HDFS using MultipleOutputs. So
far I have executed that program with 1-2 input files and it worked.
However when I tried that with 39 files, the same program started giving me
following exceptions after processing around 10-12 files.
Can it be by the call of out.close() method in the cleanup() method. It
should not impact other mappers. I have seen the following jira, but it
seems to be of single mapper and not my case.


Can you please help, Thanks.


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