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From Aleks Laz <al-userhad...@none.at>
Subject to all this unsubscribe sender
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 13:00:35 GMT
Dear wished unsubscriber

Is it really that hard to start brain vX.X?

You or anyone which have used your email account, have subscribed to 
this list, as described here.


You or this Person must unsubscribe at the same way as the subscription 
was, as described here.


In the case that YOU don't know how a mailinglist works, please take a 
look here.


Even the month is young there are a lot of


in the archive.


I'm new to this list but from my point of view it is very disrespectful 
to the list members and developers that YOU don't invest a little bit of 
time by your self to search how you can unsubscribe from a list on which 
YOU have subscribed or anyone which have used your email account.

cheers Aleks

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