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From Abdul Navaz <navaz....@gmail.com>
Subject Configure Rack Numbers
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2014 23:18:27 GMT
I have hadoop cluster with 9 nodes. All belongs to /default racks. But I
want the setup something similar to this.
(All are in same subnets)
 Rack 0: DataNode1,Datanode2,DataNode3 and top of rack switch1.
 Rack 1: DataNode4,Datanode5,DataNode6 and top of rack switch2.
 Rack 3: DataNode7,Datanode8,DataNode9 and top of rack switch3.
I am trying to check the Hadoop rack awareness and how it copies the single
block of data in one rack and replicas in some other rack. I want to analyse
some network performance from this.
So how can we separate this DNs based on rack numbers. Where can we
configure this rack numbers and say this DN belongs to this rack number.

Thanks & Regards,

Abdul Navaz

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