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From Dhiraj <jar...@gmail.com>
Subject Change Default S3 domain/server.
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2014 13:19:42 GMT

is it possible to change the default S3 domain for my bucket from "
s3.amazonsws.com" to something local. I have a local object store server
running on my machine and i want the requests to be directed to my server
instead of amazon.

eg: when i do the following
# hadoop fs -ls s3://bucket1/

it tries to connect to bucket1.s3.amazonaws.com; while s3cmd and boto
connect to my local server.
Does hadoop s3 plugin cause the s3.amazonaws.com to be appended to the
bucket by default. Is it possible to have the request to be directed to the
local server instead of amazon.

i am using hadoop 1.2.1 version.


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