Both ”dfs.name.data.dir” and “dfs.datanode.data.dir” are not set in my cluster. By the way I have searched around about these two parameters, I cannot find them in Hadoop Default page.

Can you please advise where to set them and how to set them? in hdfs-site.xml  or in core-site.xml or another configuration file?

Many thanks

On 29 Jul, 2014, at 1:27 am, hadoop hive <hadoophive@gmail.com> wrote:

You need to add each disk inside "dfs.name.data.dir" parameter.

On Jul 28, 2014 5:14 AM, "Arthur.hk.chan@gmail.com" <arthur.hk.chan@gmail.com> wrote:

I have installed Hadoop 2.4.0 with 5 nodes, each node physically has 4T hard disk, when checking the configured capacity, I found it is about 49.22 GB per node, can anyone advise how to set bigger “configured capacity” e.g. 2T or more  per node?

Name node
Configured Capacity: 264223436800 (246.08 GB)

Each Datanode
Configured Capacity: 52844687360 (49.22 GB)