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From "laozhao0@sina.cn" <laozh...@sina.cn>
Subject 回复: Re:How to sort in a WordCount
Date Sun, 17 Aug 2014 03:05:41 GMT

Hi,?周杰Thank you for your reply.partition can get the top-k of the wordcount result ?In
this problem,I have a lot of search keywords , and i want to know the top-k words .So for
those words which only occures one or two times, i can ignore them.

?发件人:?周杰发送时间:?2014-08-17?10:54收件人:?user主题:?Re:How to sort
in a WordCountHi,laozhao
???? are you gonna sort all the keys?Maybe you can sort all the keys by implentmenting partition
function, something like range-partition.for example, there are 100 digits. you can design
5 partitions [1-20],[20,40],[40,60],[60,80],[80,100], deviding the different digits into different

At 2014-08-17 10:35:34, "laozhao0@sina.cn" <laozhao0@sina.cn> wrote:
Hello,I am using mapreduce to get the frequency of words in a corpus .?And I want to get a
descnding sorted result.Now ?I can use Hive to sort them ,but If i use mapreduce,how can i
do this ?


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