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From <Yogesh_D...@Dell.com>
Subject Problems with the Fedarated name node configuration
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2014 05:35:03 GMT

I am a HDFS newbie
I am using Hadoop version 2.4.1
And following instructions for cluster set-up from
and for namenode federation from

I have set-up a HDFS cluster with one name-node and two data-nodes successfully (with ease

I however am having challenges setting up a federated name-node.

All my machines are Suse Linux SLES 11

Here are the steps that I followed for adding a federated name node to my working cluster

Step1: I set up a new SLES11 VM and installed HDFS on that

Step2 : Changed config in my hdfs-site.xml as follows and deployed on all machines

  <description>Space for name node to persist stuff</description>
  <description>List of allowed data nodes</description>

Step3: I formatted my new name with same cluster id that I used for my first (working) name
hdfs namenode -format -clusterId  CID-085f6f5f-784f-4b00-b3bf-937f2dd7808a

Step4: I start the new name node and it starts successfully
hadoop-daemon.sh --config $HADOOP_CONF_DIR --script hdfs start namenode

Hereafter - The instructions are somewhat unclear -

Next I am supposed to run the command

$ hdfs dfadmin -refreshNameNode <datanode_host_name>:<datanode_rpc_port>

Questions that I have are

-          Do you see anything wrong in above configuration ?

-          Where am I supposed to run this ( on name nodes, data nodes or on every node) ?

-          I suppose the default data node rpc port is "8020" - and I should be able to set
it by a property in hdfs-site.xml (  dfs.datanode.ipc.address ) - is that correct ?

-          Regarding SSH configuration - I have created a ssh cert only on my primary node
( using ssh-keygen) and copied it on all other data and the new name nodes using ssh-copy-id.
Would it be necessary to create cert for the new name node as well ?

Just FYI - server names of my nodes

sles-hdfs1- primary name node
sles-hdfs2-One Data node
sles-hdfs5- Another Data node
sles-hdfs4 -new federated name node

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