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From Chris MacKenzie <stu...@chrismackenziephotography.co.uk>
Subject Re: Is it a good idea to delete / move the default configuration xml file ?
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:35:21 GMT
Hi thanks for that, much appreciated.

I guess they are in the jar files then ;O) I was really surprised to see
the default configs pulled in, especially considering I thought I was in
full control, I did a file search on an installation and saw the files and
jumped to the wrong conclusion.

I feel like a real idiot some times, but there is so much conflicting
information out there that later you realise that questions asked seem non
sensical but at the time they feel valid ;O)

Thanks for your tolerance,

Chris MacKenzie
telephone: 0131 332 6967
email: studio@chrismackenziephotography.co.uk
corporate: www.chrismackenziephotography.co.uk

On 21/07/2014 09:46, "Chris MacKenzie"
<studio@chrismackenziephotography.co.uk> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have just realised that my implementation of hadoop-2.4.1 is pulling in
>all the default.xml files.
>I have three copies of each in different directories, obviously at least
>one of those is on the class path.
>Anyway with all the effort to set up a site, it seems strange to me that I
>would use settings I had no idea existed and that may not be how I would
>choose to set them up.
>Chris MacKenzie
>telephone: 0131 332 6967
>email: studio@chrismackenziephotography.co.uk
>corporate: www.chrismackenziephotography.co.uk

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