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From Manikanda Prabhu <gmkprabhu1...@gmail.com>
Subject Is hdfs "Append to file" command ready for production?
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:29:50 GMT

We are planning to use one of the hdfs commands "appendToFile" in our file
process, would someone confirm it's production ready or any open issues
thats still in discussion.

In my research, I found the following JIRA's directly or related to this
command and its all closed (except HDFS 1060). please let me know if i
missed anything

  JIRA Id Description Status  HDFS-1060 Append/flush should support
concurrent "tailer" use case Open  HADOOP-6239
HDFS-4905 Command-line for append Fixed  HDFS-744 Support hsync in HDFS
Fixed  HDFS-222 Support for concatenating of files into a single file Fixed
HDFS-265 Revisit append- This jira revisits append, aiming for a design and
implementation supporting a semantics that are acceptable to its users.
Fixed  HADOOP-5224 Disable append Fixed  HADOOP-5332 Make support for file
append API configurable Fixed  HDFS-200 In HDFS, sync() not yet guarantees
data available to the new readers Fixed   HADOOP-1708 Make files visible in
the namespace as soon as they are created Fixed   HADOOP-1700 Append to
files in HDFS Fixed

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