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From Charley Newtonne <cnewto...@gmail.com>
Subject Configuring Hadoop Client: Where is fail-over configured.
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 19:30:15 GMT
I have hadoop 2.4 installed in HA mode using QJM. I have verified the
cluster failover works as expected. The java clients are configured to
connect to the active NN by specifying the hdf://nn1.company.com:8020. If
this nn1 is down, how's the client know the location of the standby nn.
Where is the client spillover configured?

I have seen some references that this is configured in client's
core-site.xml, but this file only specifies the defaultFS (which has the
value of the logical cluster name) and ZK quorum nodes. None of these
appear to be related to client side failover.

Thanks in advance

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