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From yeshwanth kumar <yeshwant...@gmail.com>
Subject tika parser is not parsing the BytesWritable in mapreduce
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 10:48:41 GMT
i am writing a mapreduce job,

where it takes a zip file as input, zip file contains different types of
documents such as docx odt pdf txt,

 i am using tika parser to parse the documents.

here's the code snippet of my mapper method

public void map(Text key, BytesWritable value, Context context)throws
IOException, InterruptedException {



        logger.info("Length:\t" + value.getLength());

        byte[] bytesbefore = value.getBytes();

        logger.info("CONTENT BEFORE" + new String(bytesbefore));

        InputStream in = new ByteArrayInputStream(bytesbefore);

        Metadata metadata = new Metadata();

        String mimeType = new Tika().detect(in);

        metadata.set(Metadata.CONTENT_TYPE, mimeType);

        Parser parser = new AutoDetectParser();

        ContentHandler handler = new BodyContentHandler(


        try {

            parser.parse(in, handler, metadata, new ParseContext());

        } catch (SAXException e1) {



        } catch (TikaException e1) {





        logger.info("Content AFTER" + handler.toString());



output is written to hbase, content of the document is empty after parsing ,

am i missing anything here??

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