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From Alex Lee <eliy...@hotmail.com>
Subject Wordcount file cannot be located
Date Thu, 01 May 2014 13:12:39 GMT
I am using eclipse(kepler) to run the wordcount example on hadoop 2.2 with plugin 2.2.
I am trying Run as Configuration, and the Arguments is  /tmp/in /tmp/out
The console always said:
2014-05-01 21:05:46,280 ERROR [main] security.UserGroupInformation (UserGroupInformation.java:doAs(1494))
- PriviledgedActionException as:root (auth:SIMPLE) cause:org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.InvalidInputException:
Input path does not exist: file:/tmp/in
org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.lib.input.InvalidInputException: Input path does not exist: file:/tmp/in
Pls see the screenshot
Both hadoop command and DFS Locations can find the file.
Any suggestions, thanks.
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