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From Radhe Radhe <radhe.krishna.ra...@live.com>
Subject Hadoop Serialization mechanisms
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2014 07:59:35 GMT
Hello All,
AFAIK Hadoop serialization comes into picture in the 2 areas:putting data on the wire i.e.,
for interprocess communication between nodes using RPCputting data on disk i.e. using the
Map Reduce for persistent storage say HDFS.
I have a couple of questions regarding the Serialization mechanisms used in Hadoop:
Does Hadoop provides a pluggible feature for Serialization for both the above cases?Is Writable
the default Serialization mechanism for both the above cases?Were there any changes w.r.t.
to Serialization from Hadoop 1.x to Hadoop 2.x?Will there be a significant performance gain
if the default Serialization i.e. Writables is replaced with Avro, Protol Buffers or Thrift
in Map Reduce programming?
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