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From Mohammad Alkahtani <m.alkaht...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Switch and configure single node and cluster XML configuration
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 17:06:14 GMT
Find this tutorial for install a multi-node cluster

In hdfs-site.xml you don't need to specify the address for secondary node, you write the address
in the file slave 

Mohammad Alkahtani

> On 10 Jan 2014, at 04:36 pm, Michael Bremen <sjp12012a@gmail.com> wrote:
> HI,
> I have a workstation and a laptop. I have installed 2.1.1 release on both computers.
Now I want to test single node and cluster setup. I am attaching the conf/core-site.xml and
conf/hdfs-site.xml. The network topology is as follows
> Workstation connected to router via ethernet.
> Laptop connected to router via wireless.
> SSH ( without pass phrase ) working between the two.
> LAN broadcast ip :
> Workstation will act as the master in cluster setup with ip:
> Laptop ip:
> Operating systems : Ubuntu 13.04 distribution of Linux operating system.
> I have commented the hdfs-site.xml properties for switching between single node and cluster
> Problems :
> 1. In single node configuration ( Datanode and secondary Namenode successfully working)
Namenode failed to start on the workstation.
> 2. In cluster node configuration, the secondary name node is on laptop. The master script
( start-dfs.sh ) tries to start the secondary name node on the laptop with IP address
instead of hence failed to connect to port 22. ( using instead
> Am I configuring the hdfs-site.xml correct ?
> Thanks.
> <core-site.xml>
> <hdfs-site.xml>

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