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From Forrest Aldrich <for...@gmail.com>
Subject Hadoop status pages
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2014 00:13:07 GMT
We are running Hadoop 1.x (due to API requirements).   I've been asked a 
question by one of our developers, relevant to clicking through the job 
information in various pages hadoop presents.


Some of the URLs point to the private, backend network that we use for 
Hadoop traffic.  Others point to the front-end IP.   Because our office 
is not connected to the non-routed backend network, we can't click 
through some of the URLs to see reports and thus have to parse logfiles.

Is there a way around this?   We want the Hadoop slaves to listen only 
on the backend network -- but I wonder if there's a configuration 
directive I've missed that would solve the above problem.

And finally, as for the HTML presented in these various links, is it 
possible to insert custom layout (ie: CSS) to make the presentation 
better -- or is this dynamically generated from within the Hadoop code.

Thank you.

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