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From Adam Kawa <kawa.a...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Setting the HADOOP_HOME_DIR
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2013 23:08:46 GMT
Sure! Hope that my previous post answers your question ;)

2013/12/8 Forrest Aldrich <forrie@gmail.com>

>  Adam, my apologies, you are correct.  I meant to refer to the
> HADOOP_CONF_DIR -- this is what I get for posting before I've had enough
> coffee :-)
> I want to put the CONF and LOGS directories outside of the /usr/hadoop
> structure -- this will make it easier to manage with Puppet, and prevent
> accidental overwrites during upgrades etc.
> Thanks.
>  On 12/8/13, 4:56 PM, Adam Kawa wrote:
>  Hi,
>  If am not sure, if I understood your issue correctly. Would you like to
> specify somehow where the configuration directory for your Hadoop cluster
> is located (e.g. /etc/hadoop/conf)?
>  If you use init scripts from CDH, they assume that config directory is
> CONF_DIR="/etc/hadoop/conf".
> Afaik, when you use HDP or Apache distribution, then you can specify where
> your configuration directory is when you start a script e.g. "sudo -u hdfs
> /usr/lib/hadoop/sbin/hadoop-daemon.sh --config <config_directory> start
> datanode"
>  PS.
> I grepped my configuration directory, and installation directory
> (/usr/lib/hadoop), but I can not see variable called: HADOOP_HOME_DIR
> anywhere.
> I see that /usr/lib/hadoop/libexec/hadoop-layout.sh contains variable
> HADOOP_CONF_DIR=${HADOOP_CONF_DIR:-"/etc/hadoop/conf"}.
> 2013/12/8 Forrest Aldrich <forrie@gmail.com>
>>  We have a home-grown Hadoop installation that I am primarily
>> responsible for.   I've managed to get new nodes rolled out, it takes time
>> as we have other dependencies.   One item I've not been able figure out is
>> where to set the HADOOP_HOME_DIR variable, so I can store the actual
>> configuration for each node separate from the binary tree.
>> Can anyone point me to where this gets set properly?   We have an init.d
>> script that starts the services on the master, which calls out to the
>> slaves (as user "hadoop") -- but I'm guessing the variable can be started
>> there, exported and inherited -- but perhaps it may be more proper to set
>> in ~hadoop/conf/hadoop-env.sh.
>> The idea is to enable me to more easily roll out slaves, perhaps using
>> Puppet, so that the CONF and LOGS directories are separate -- it's easier
>> to manage that way.
>> Thanks.

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