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From Steve Edison <sediso...@gmail.com>
Subject Moving disks from datanodes
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2013 02:44:15 GMT
I have a 10 node cluster and I want to reclaim 5 nodes without moving the
data.  I have only 1 copy (rep count 1) in my cluster. Don't  ask me why ?

What I want to do:

Take out the 3 TB data disks /disk1 and /disk2 from the 5
to-be-decommissioned nodes.
Move the disks physically to the other nodes
Remount them as /disk3 and disk4 on the remaining  nodes
update dfs.data.dir property to add /disk3 and /disk4
restart the HDFS.

This isn't working. HDFS is in corrupted mode right now.

Do you think this will work ?  I don't want to increase the replication
count to do this.Any work-arounds ?

Thanks in advance

.. Steve

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