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From Elazar Leibovich <elaz...@gmail.com>
Subject [ANN] hadoopconf - Hadoop configuration helper tool
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 15:34:05 GMT
I found it frustrating to edit and view hadoop configuration files by hand.

I thus wrote a small utility that enable one to edit and query hadoop
configuration from the command line.

While this is not particularly useful for a production cluster, when
configuration changes are rare, this could be useful when learning and
investigating and testing various hadoop configurations.

It's easier too try

   pssh -f datanodes.txt hadoopconf envadd HADOOP_OPTS -XX:+PrintGCDetails

Than to come up with an sed expression, ditto for various other tweaks.


I'd love to receive feedback, and to understand if indeed this utility is
useful to the community.
For example, will hbase support be useful?

Feel free to send me bug reports, feature requests, notes and suggestions.

*Be warned*, it is still a very new code in alpha stage.

Elazar Leibovich

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