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From Boris Emelyanov <emelya...@post.km.ru>
Subject Re: CDH4.4 and HBASE-8912 issue
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 07:53:24 GMT
>Boris, what does hbck say?
>We have had this issue a couple times before. To fix it I had to stop the cluster, run
offline meta repair tool,
>delete zk-store on each zk quorum node
>Offline Meta repair tool will not work if there are  inconsistencies  in HBase - you better
try hbase hbck
>-fixAll first.
>Best regards,
>Vladimir Rodionov
>Principal Platform Engineer
>Carrier IQ,www.carrieriq.com  <http://www.carrieriq.com/>
>e-mail:vrodionov@...  <http://gmane.org/get-address.php?address=vrodionov%2dSvj7bELwklqcm8Fc2pXOzQ%40public.gmane.org>

Hbck says "0 inconsistencies detected".
I stopped hbase cluster, deleted zk-database on all quorum nodes, ran "hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.hbck.OfflineMetaRepair",
and got "INFO util.HBaseFsck: Success! .META. table rebuilt.".
After that, cluster continued crashing during auto-loadbalancing.

Best regards,

Boris Emelyanov.

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