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From REYANE OUKPEDJO <r.oukpe...@yahoo.com>
Subject How to compile and build hadoop native libraries in debug mode
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2013 19:15:42 GMT

Can someone help me? I am trying to build and compile hadoop along with the native  library
in debug mode but after I finish I realized from the compiler logs that  the native libraries
are build with a mix of both debug (-g) and optimized (-O)  mode . What I have done is that
 I downloaded the source from apache,  I installed all the pre-requisite such as protocol
buffer, cmake and maven. I then cd to the source directory and use the following command:

mvn clean package -Pdist -Dtar -DskipTests -Pnative -Dmaven.native.debug=true

it builds and compile hadoop along with native library but with a mix of both modes. But I
need it to be completely in debug mode .

Any help? 


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