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From Rob Blah <tmp5...@gmail.com>
Subject When to use DFSInputStream and HdfsDataInputStream
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2013 22:09:00 GMT

What is the use case difference between:
- DFSInputStream and HdfsDataInputStream
- DFSOutputStream and HdfsDataOutputStream

When one should be preferred over other? From sources I see they have
similar functionality, only HdfsData*Stream "follows" Data*Stream instead
of *Stream. Also is DFS*Stream more general than HdfsData*Stream, in the
sense it works on higher abstraction layer, can work with other Distributed
FS (even though it contact HDFS specific components), or its just naming

Which one should I chose to read/write data from/to HDFS and why (sounds
like academic question ;) )?

* -> means both Input and Output


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