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From Sanjay Subramanian <Sanjay.Subraman...@wizecommerce.com>
Subject Piping to HDFS (from Linux or HDFS)
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2013 20:34:46 GMT
Hi guys

While I was trying to get some test data and configurations done quickly I realized one can
do this and I think its super cool

Processing existing file on Linux/HDFS and Piping it directly to hdfs

source = Linux  dest=HDFS
File = sanjay.conf.template
We want to replace one line in the file 9999-99-99 ----> 1947-08-15

cat sanjay.conf.template | sed 's/9999-99-99/1947-08-15/g' | hdfs dfs -put - /user/sanjay/sanjay.conf

source = HDFS  dest=HDFS
hdfs dfs -cat  /user/nextag/sanjay.conf.template  | sed 's/9999-99-99/1947-08-15/g' | hdfs
dfs -put - /user/sanjay/1947-08-15/nextag.conf



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