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From sam liu <samliuhad...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Why my tests shows Yarn is worse than MRv1 for terasort?
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2013 03:15:43 GMT
At the begining, I just want to do a fast comparision of MRv1 and Yarn. But
they have many differences, and to be fair for comparison I did not tune
their configurations at all.  So I got above test results. After analyzing
the test result, no doubt, I will configure them and do comparison again.

Do you have any idea on current test result? I think, to compare with MRv1,
Yarn is better on Map phase(teragen test), but worse on Reduce
phase(terasort test).
And any detailed suggestions/comments/materials on Yarn performance tunning?


2013/6/7 Marcos Luis Ortiz Valmaseda <marcosluis2186@gmail.com>

> Why not to tune the configurations?
> Both frameworks have many areas to tune:
> - Combiners, Shuffle optimization, Block size, etc
> 2013/6/6 sam liu <samliuhadoop@gmail.com>
>> Hi Experts,
>> We are thinking about whether to use Yarn or not in the near future, and
>> I ran teragen/terasort on Yarn and MRv1 for comprison.
>> My env is three nodes cluster, and each node has similar hardware: 2
>> cpu(4 core), 32 mem. Both Yarn and MRv1 cluster are set on the same env. To
>> be fair, I did not make any performance tuning on their configurations, but
>> use the default configuration values.
>> Before testing, I think Yarn will be much better than MRv1, if they all
>> use default configuration, because Yarn is a better framework than MRv1.
>> However, the test result shows some differences:
>> MRv1: Hadoop-1.1.1
>> Yarn: Hadoop-2.0.4
>> (A) Teragen: generate 10 GB data:
>> - MRv1: 193 sec
>> - Yarn: 69 sec
>> *Yarn is 2.8 times better than MRv1*
>> (B) Terasort: sort 10 GB data:
>> - MRv1: 451 sec
>> - Yarn: 1136 sec
>> *Yarn is 2.5 times worse than MRv1*
>> After a fast analysis, I think the direct cause might be that Yarn is
>> much faster than MRv1 on Map phase, but much worse on Reduce phase.
>> Here I have two questions:
>> *- Why my tests shows Yarn is worse than MRv1 for terasort?
>> *
>> *- What's the stratage for tuning Yarn performance? Is any materials?*
>> Thanks!
> --
> Marcos Ortiz Valmaseda
> Product Manager at PDVSA
> http://about.me/marcosortiz

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