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From Chuan Liu <chuan...@microsoft.com>
Subject RE: How to configure container capacity?
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 23:59:21 GMT
Bcc'd dev mailing list.

Hi Andrew,

The memory allocated will always be an integral multiple of minimal allocation unit which
is configured via the property "yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-mb	". The default configuration
for the value is 1024.
If you change the config to 512, the container memory size should be 512 with -Dmapreduce.map.memory.mb=512.


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Subject: How to configure container capacity?


Can anyone tell me how to configure the capacity of containers? Which parameters should be

I use the following command with -Dmapreduce.map.memory.mb=512, but why is the map container
size always 1024?

$HADOOP_COMMON_HOME/bin/hadoop jar
randomwriter -Dmapreduce.job.user.name=$USER
-Dmapreduce.randomwriter.bytespermap=10000 -Ddfs.block.size=536870912
-Dmapreduce.map.memory.mb=512 output

Thank you,

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