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From Taco Jan Osinga <t...@lable.org>
Subject Auto created 'target' folder?
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 09:21:12 GMT
Hi all,

Quite a newby here.

I'm creating an application for internal use, which deploys several demo-sites of our HBase
application. These demos should contain a blank state (fixtures) with some data. Therefor
I have created export files which needed to be imported (using the MapReduce-way of importing).
This all works when I run my script as root. So this process works.

However, it doesn't work running the script as user tomcat7 (permission denied). Even adding
tomcat7 to supergroup didn't fix the problem.
In the process I noticed there's a directory structure created, named "target/test-dir" which
contains hadoop**.jar files. If I chmod -R 777 this target folder, I suddenly am able to import
being tomcat7!

My question:
- What are these target folders (they appear on the working path)?
- How can I make sure the user(s) in supergroup have write permissions (is it even wise to
do that)?
- It seems like some kind of temp folder: Shouldn't this folder be removed after the process
is finished (it keeps growing)?

Regards from The Netherlands,
Taco Jan Osinga
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