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From Marcin Mejran <marcin.mej...@hooklogic.com>
Subject Re: Hadoop efficient resource isolation
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 04:27:35 GMT
That won't stop a bad job (say a fork bomb or a massive memory leak in a streaming script)
from taking out a node which is what I believe Dhanasekaran was asking about. He wants to
physically isolate certain lobs to certain "non critical" nodes. I don't believe this is possible
and data would be spread to those nodes, assuming they're data nodes, which would still cause
cluster wide issues (and if data is isolate why not have two separate clusters?),

I've read references in the docs about some type of memory based contrains in Hadoop but I
don't know of the details. Anyone know how they work?

Also, I believe there are tools in Linux that can kill processes in case of memory issues
and otherwise restrict what a certain user can do. These seem like a more flexible solution
although they won't cover all potential issues.


On Feb 25, 2013, at 7:20 PM, "Arun C Murthy" <acm@hortonworks.com<mailto:acm@hortonworks.com>>

CapacityScheduler is what you want...

On Feb 21, 2013, at 5:16 AM, Dhanasekaran Anbalagan wrote:

Hi Guys,

It's possible isolation job submission for hadoop cluster, we currently running 48 machine
cluster. we  monitor Hadoop is not provides efficient resource isolation. In my case we ran
for tech and research pool, When tech job some memory leak will haven, It's occupy the hole
cluster.  Finally we figure out  issue with tech job. It's  screwed up hole hadoop cluster.
finally 10 data node  are dead.

Any prevention of job submission efficient way resource allocation. When something wrong in
  particular job, effect particular pool, Not effect others job. Any way to archive this

Please guide me guys.

My idea is, When tech user submit job means only apply job in for my case submit 24 machine.
other machine only for research user.

It's will prevent the memory leak problem.

Did I learn something today? If not, I wasted it.

Arun C. Murthy
Hortonworks Inc.

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