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From Glen Mazza <gma...@talend.com>
Subject DFS filesystem used for Standalone and Pseudo-Distributed operation
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 13:54:58 GMT
Hi, I'm following the Hadoop 1.1.1 tutorial 
(http://hadoop.apache.org/docs/r1.1.1/single_node_setup.html) and I have 
these questions:

1.) The Standalone Operation 
just to confirm, can run without any DFS filesystem?  (We're not being 
asked to run "bin/hadoop namenode -format" for it.)

2.) For Pseudo-Distributed Operation 
where we are instructed to run "bin/hadoop namenode -format", question: 
how do I undo whatever that command does?  I.e., how do I delete that 
distributed file system created as well as remove from Hadoop any 
knowledge of its prior existence -- do I have to manually delete files 
with OS commands (what do I remove?) or is there some type of 
"bin/hadoop namenode -delete" command that undoes the "-format" command?


Glen Mazza
Talend Community Coders - coders.talend.com
blog: www.jroller.com/gmazza

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