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From "Fabio Pitzolu" <fabio.pitz...@gr-ci.com>
Subject Using certificates to secure Hadoop
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 15:20:01 GMT
Hi all,

I've been asked to check whether is possible to use certificates to secure
the connection between Hadoop and Oozie and the "external world" or not.

Case is this:

We have to develop a webservice to run Oozie workflows and access HDFS, so
that there will be just one "interface" between the cluster and a user web

Current security scenario does not allow to use Kerberos to authenticate the
users, so we were thinking about using certificates, distributed through the
Tomcat stack (as show on the following diagram).

The idea is that only a client (in this case the client would be the Java
WebService - the blue box) with the right certificate could "talk" to the
Hadoop / Oozie machines.



Is it possible to achieve this scenario?

If so, is there a whitepaper on the Internet that shows how to do this?

If not possible, what do you think would be the best security solution not
using Kerberos (example, firewall sec., IP security, .)? 


Thank you very much, have a nice day!


Fabio Pitzolu


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