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From Hs <aswhol...@gmail.com>
Subject Is it possible to read a corrupted Sequence File
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2012 02:12:57 GMT

I am running hadoop 1.0.3 and hbase-0.94.0on a 12-node cluster. For unknown
operational faults, 6 datanodes  have suffered a complete data loss(hdfs
data directory gone).  When I restart hadoop, it reports "*The ratio of
reported blocks 0.8252*".

I have a folder in hdfs containing many important files in hadoop
SequenceFile format. The hadoop fsck tool shows that  (in this folder)

Total size:    134867556461 B
 Total dirs:    16
 Total files:   251
 Total blocks (validated):      2136 (avg. block size 63140241 B)
  CORRUPT FILES:        167
  MISSING BLOCKS:       405
  MISSING SIZE:         25819446263 B
  CORRUPT BLOCKS:       405

I wonder if I can read these corrupted SequenceFiles with missing blocks
skipped ?  Or, what else can I do now to recover these SequenceFiles as
much as possible ?

Please save me.

Thanks !

(Sorry for duplicating this post on user and hdfs-dev list, I do not know
where exactly i should put it.)

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