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From Barak Yaish <barak.ya...@gmail.com>
Subject FileNotFoundExcepion when getting files from DistributedCache
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 20:34:18 GMT

I’ve 2 nodes cluster (v1.04), master and slave. On the master, in
Tool.run() we add two files to the DistributedCache using addCacheFile().
Files do exist in HDFS. In the Mapper.setup() we want to retrieve those
files from the cache using FSDataInputStream fs = FileSystem.get(
context.getConfiguration() ).open( path ). The problem is that for one file
a FileNotFoundException is thrown, although the file exists on the slave

attempt_201211211227_0020_m_000000_2: java.io.FileNotFoundException: File
does not exist:

ls –l on the slave:

[hduser@slave ~]$ ll
-rwxr-xr-x 1 hduser hadoop 42701 Nov 22 10:18
[hduser@slave ~]$

My questions are:

   1. Shouldn't all files exist on all nodes?
   2. What should be done to fix that?


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