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From Forrest Aldrich <for...@gmail.com>
Subject Viewing hadoop web pages via URL to a back-end Hadoop network, and specifying an alt config directory
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2012 18:28:21 GMT
      I have two questions...

      First, our Hadoop cluster uses a back-end, non-routed network for 
transfering data, it is not accessible outside and so the URLs the web 
page display are inaccessible.   I don't see that I can alter the host 
that these pages display, as it would otherwise work on the front-end 
IP.    Is there a way I can have these pages display a different host 
name?    At the moment, we just copy and paste and edit the URL in the 
browser and use the front-end IP to get to things, but that's a 
hassle.    I could also NAT a port range from the front-end if I needed 
to, with iptables... but at this point, this is seems cosmetic.   Surely 
someone else has run into this :-)  Here's an example of what I'm seeing 
displayed on the hadoop pages:

      The hadoop web page displays this text:


      with the actual URL (click) being:


Note the added "." in the actual links, which is not coming from the 
config files or /etc/hosts, that I can tell.

The display shows backend -> frontend and the localhost.  Seems a little 
convoluted; at least, I know our developers are getting irritated by it :-)

      My second question is partly due to some confusion from reading 
the documentation.   We want to manage our Hadoop installation for each 
system by moving out the /conf directory to another location.   There 
appear to be a few places you can do this, including the command line.   
What I can't seem to figure out is where (preferrably at startup) can I 
place this value so that it's /inherited/ across the board, so I don't 
have to worry about multiple edits?


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