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From Chris Collins <chris_j_coll...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: example usage of s3 file system
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 03:00:26 GMT
So looking at the source and single stepping through a simple test case I have to make a directory
using FileSystem.mkdir()

I see that I am getting a 404 (nothing new there).  However the code that is throwing this
looks like this below.  Note the comment about being "brittle".  Seems its looking for ResponseCode=404
except in this case I am getting "ResponseCode: 404"

Should I just forward this to the developer list or has anyone come over this before?

public FileMetadata retrieveMetadata(String key) throws IOException {
    try {
      S3Object object = s3Service.getObjectDetails(bucket, key);
      return new FileMetadata(key, object.getContentLength(),
    } catch (S3ServiceException e) {
      // Following is brittle. Is there a better way?
      if (e.getMessage().contains("ResponseCode=404")) {
        return null;
      if (e.getCause() instanceof IOException) {
        throw (IOException) e.getCause();
      throw new S3Exception(e);

On Aug 28, 2012, at 12:14 AM, Chris Collins <chris_j_collins@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi I am trying to use the Hadoop filesystem abstraction with S3 but in my tinkering I
am not having a great deal of success.  I am particularly interested in the ability to mimic
a directory structure (since s3 native doesnt do it).
> Can anyone point me to some good example usage of Hadoop FileSystem with s3?
> I created a few directories using transit and AWS S3 console for test.  Doing a liststatus
of the bucket returns a FileStatus object of the directory created but if I try to do a liststatus
of that path I am getting a 404:
> org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3.S3Exception: org.jets3t.service.S3ServiceException: Request Error.
HEAD '/aaaa' on Host ....
> Probably not the best list to look for help, any clues appreciated.
> C

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