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From Caetano Sauer <caetanosa...@gmail.com>
Subject Job does not run with EOFException
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 13:45:32 GMT

I am getting the following error when trying to execute a hadoop job on a
5-node cluster:

Caused by: java.io.IOException: Call to *** failed on local exception:
 at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client.wrapException(Client.java:1103)
at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client.call(Client.java:1071)
 at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RPC$Invoker.invoke(RPC.java:225)
at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.$Proxy2.submitJob(Unknown Source)
 at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobClient$2.run(JobClient.java:921)
at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobClient$2.run(JobClient.java:850)
 at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
at javax.security.auth.Subject.doAs(Subject.java:396)
at org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobClient.submitJobInternal(JobClient.java:850)
 at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job.submit(Job.java:500)
at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job.waitForCompletion(Job.java:530)
 ... 9 more
Caused by: java.io.EOFException
at java.io.DataInputStream.readInt(DataInputStream.java:375)
 at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client$Connection.receiveResponse(Client.java:800)
at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client$Connection.run(Client.java:745)

(My jobtracker host was substituted by ***)

After 3 hours of searching, everything points to an incompatibility between
the hadoop versions of the client and the server, but this is not the case,
since I can run the job on a pseudo-distributed setup on a different
machine. Both are running the exact same version (same svn revision and
source checksum).

Does anyone have a solution or a suggestion on how to find more debug

Thank you in advance,
Caetano Sauer

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