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From Mohammad Tariq <donta...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Hello! - Hadoop: System Requirements.
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 00:41:07 GMT
You can visit this link, if you need some help on how to configure Hadoop
in pseudo mode :

    Mohammad Tariq

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 4:54 AM, Jeffrey Silverman <jeffsilverman@google.com
> wrote:

> Cristian,
> You have a basic network problem.  You have a single name, RHEL, which
> points to two IP addresses, and  That won't work.
>  The /etc/hosts file is searched sequentially  so it always finds the
> first occurrence of RHEL.
> By default, any process that listens on all interfaces will listen on the
> loopback interface (
> You have an additional problem and that is that wherever you go, your IP
> address is going to change.  There is a document on the subject, RFC 1918.
>  Basically, any IP address that begins with 10., 172.12 through 172.31, and
> 192.168 is a private address.  You're getting the and
> addresses from the network, and that's unusual but perfectly legitimate.
> If you are only going to use these two addresses, then what you can do is
> add the following to your /etc/hosts file:
> # wireless
> RHEL6_wireless
> # wired
> RHEL6_wired
>  When your systems attempt to connect to the wired IP address and you are
> running in wireless mode, then the connection attempt will fail and the
> map/reduce software won't send any work to.  Similarly, if you attempt to
> connect to the wireless IP address and you are wired.
> Jeff Silverman
> Google

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