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From andreina <andrein...@huawei.com>
Subject Query in the Number of Under Replicated Blocks displayed in UI and fsck Report
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 08:43:03 GMT
Hi All,

                I started NN,2 DN with replication Factor 2 and executed the
following scenario

Step 1: write a file "a.txt"  and hflush() ( blk_ts1 is in DN1 and DN2 under
RBW folder)

Step 2:  Delete the blk_ts1 from DN2 in RBW

Step 3: Write data to the same file "a.txt" and close the file
"a.txt".(Timestamp will be changed due to recovery and blk_ts2 will be in
DN1 under finalized)


                As discussed for the issue hdfs-3493 blk_ts1 in DN2 under
RBW will be marked as corrupt and will not be deleted until the block is
replicated to another DN. Hence in BlocksMap the blk will be updated as


In fsck report  Number of underreplicated block will be :1    ( since it
gets the data from BlocksMap)

But in UI report  Number of Underreplicated blockl will be :0 ( Since it
gets the data from VolumeMap)


Could someone clarify me  Why this difference exist Between UI and fsck
report and is this an expected behavior? 


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