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From John Vines <john.w.vi...@ugov.gov>
Subject Question regarding FSDataOutputStream.close() behavior
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 14:14:47 GMT
So I'm trying to figure out the behavior of calling
DFSOutputStream.close(), as well as if/which version it changed in. I see
in the javadocs that the complete call (which close calls) will not return
until "all the file's  * blocks have been replicated the minimum number of
times".  Is the minimum number dfs.replication.min, or is it the files
number of replications?

Regardless of that answer, I'm curious when the behavior changed, if it
hadn't been like that. I remember it used to be that it would utilize lazy
replication, though that may just be for bringing underreplicated blocks up
to snuff. Any insight would be appreciated.

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