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From Ayon Sinha <ayonsi...@yahoo.com>
Subject HDFS on EMR weird.
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 05:29:29 GMT
This is on a EMR cluster.

This does not work!
hadoop@ip-10-34-7-51:~$ hadoop dfs -mkdir hdfs://
mkdir: This file system object (hdfs://ip-10-34-7-51.ec2.internal:9000) does not support access
to the request path 'hdfs://' You possibly called FileSystem.get(conf)
when you should have called FileSystem.get(uri, conf) to obtain a file system supporting your
Usage: java FsShell [-mkdir <path>]

This works!
hadoop@ip-10-34-7-51:~$ hadoop dfs -fs hdfs:// -mkdir /user/foobar

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