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From Time Less <timelessn...@gmail.com>
Subject Simple Permissions Question
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2011 00:25:56 GMT
I'm at a loss here. Check out my groups and the directory permissions:

[tellis@laxhadoop1-012 ~] :) groups
tellis hdfs supergroup
[tellis@laxhadoop1-012 ~] :) hadoop fs -mkdir /tmp/hive-tellis
mkdir: org.apache.hadoop.security.AccessControlException: Permission denied:
user=tellis, access=WRITE, inode="/tmp":hdfs:supergroup:drwxrwxr-x

Note that /tmp is hdfs:supergroup:drwxrwxr-x - that is, the "supergroup"
group should be able to write into that dir, and that I am part of that
group, but still I can't write into it.

So now you might wonder... is it possible for tellis to ever create
something inside /tmp? If I chmod 777 /tmp using the hdfs user...

[hdfs@laxhadoop1-012 ~/tmp] :) hadoop fs -chmod 777 /tmp

Then tellis has access to mkdir in /tmp.

[tellis@laxhadoop1-012 ~] :) hadoop fs -mkdir /tmp/hive-tellis
[tellis@laxhadoop1-012 ~] :) echo "confusing permissions issue" | hadoop fs
-put - /tmp/hive-tellis/somefile
[tellis@laxhadoop1-012 ~] :) hadoop fs -cat /tmp/hive-tellis/somefile
confusing permissions issue

I'm really confused. What am I missing?

Tim Ellis
Data Architect, Riot Games

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