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From "J. Ryan Earl" <...@jryanearl.us>
Subject Apache-hadoop => CDH3 conversion: permissions
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 21:09:22 GMT

I'm trying to nail down a process for converting existing Apache-hadoop
clusters with significant amounts of pre-existing data to CDH3.  While I've
found documentation for upgrading between CDH versions, I haven't seen one
for standard Apache-hadoop => CDH3 with the "new" mapred and hdfs users and
groups.  I'm looking for the proper method to manually convert permissions
on existing data from a single user&group setup (hadoop/hadoop) to the 2user
& 3 group setup of hdfs/mapred users with hdfs/mapred/hadoop groups.

What I'm thinking needs to happen is something like this:

   1. Shutdown cluster.
   2. Perform full configuration and HDFS data backup.
   3. Delete existing hadoop user/group while leaving HDFS data/mapred
   folders untouched.
   4. Install CDH3 packages (which sets up new users and groups).
   5. Manually adjust permissions/groups/ownership of old data files to
   match new CDH3 security setup.
   6. Flow into standard hadoop-upgrade process.

 Basically, I'm trying to nail down setup 5, and would appreciate any
guidance on this.  I'm guessing I just haven't found the correct document
since this seems like it would be a common endeavor.

Thanks in advance,

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