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From "siuon@ugcv.com" <si...@ugcv.com>
Subject NameNode heapsize
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:45:18 GMT
Dear all,

I'm looking for ways to improve the namenode heap size usage of a 
800-node 10PB testing Hadoop cluster that stores around 30 million files.

Here's some info:

1 x namenode:     32GB RAM, 24GB heap size
800 x datanode:   8GB RAM, 13TB hdd

33050825 files and directories, 47708724 blocks = 80759549 total. Heap 
Size is 22.93 GB / 22.93 GB (100%)

 From the cluster summary report, it seems the heap size usage is always 
full but couldn't drop, do you guys know of any ways to reduce it ? So 
far I don't see any namenode OOM errors so it looks memory assigned for 
the namenode process is (just) enough. But i'm curious which factors 
would account for the full use of heap size ?


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