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From "Hiller, Dean (Contractor)" <dean.hil...@broadridge.com>
Subject RE: decommision nodes not working(localhost vs. ips in website too) -more info
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 01:23:11 GMT
So I edited /etc/hosts with the ugly <FQDN> <hostname>


And nodes now decommission.  This is horrible from adding a node
perspective.  We want to quickly add a box, upload the same image, turn
it on, add it to slaves file and refreshNodes(rebalance if wanted) and
be done with it.  We don't want to have to edit the /etc/hosts every


Is there any way around this?  (I mean it would be awesome if the
DataNode was given the hostname from the master node start-dfs.sh
command(ie. The sshexec basically would pass the parameter from the
slaves file to avoid even needing /etc/hosts).


Any ideas as the docs said localhost should be fine??????


Anyone else decommissioning nodes and not having this issue?




From: Hiller, Dean (Contractor) 
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011 6:03 PM
To: 'hdfs-user@hadoop.apache.org'
Subject: decommision nodes not working(localhost vs. ips in website too)


Luckily I am in dev so not a biggie, but datanode seems to be reading
from /etc/hosts(ie. Java calls to InetAddress.getLocalHost return instead of the ip) when displaying the name of the live nodes.
When displaying the name fo the dead nodes however, it displays the
hostname in my slaves and excluded file.


I wonder why the hadoop script doesn't pass the FQDN from the slaves
file to the slave node upon start so there is no lookup of /etc/hosts
AND they could then bind to the correct FQDN as well if it wanted to I


Anyways, my dead node shows up in my live nodes list(as localhost which
it's not but with correct ip) and is not going to a decommissioned
state.  Is there any way to solve this? 


I read my /etc/hosts file is supposed to be localhost
localhost.localdomain but to get the hostname to display correctly, I
need something more like <FQDN> <hostname> instead as then I
know it would display properly there....and I may even have to change
the to <ip> as InetAddress.getLocalHost returns whatever is in
/etc/hosts on any linux system I have ever been on (ubuntu, centos at


Any way to fix this???




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