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From "Hiller, Dean (Contractor)" <dean.hil...@broadridge.com>
Subject no balancing while using filesystem in hadoop?
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2010 15:06:56 GMT
I was just wondering if this was normal behavior.  I assume it might be.
I kept copying a 1.6 gig file into the hdfs, and it kept making node 1
bigger and bigger until it finally went over and started using node 2.
I was quite hoping it would write out to both nodes.  


First Question: Is that normal behavior?  (I know I can keep rebalancing
but that can get tedious being manual and all).


Second Question: We have huge files sent to us every night over ftp and
most likely, we may mount hdfs from linux so as the file comes in, it
would be written to hdfs.  Is there a way to configure hdfs to be
writing some of the file to one node and some of the file to another


Third: If I can do the 2nd question, I am hoping map/reduce can cope
with splitting the file(I copied and modified LineRecordReader to suit
our needs...key is not line number of file and is more just
generated)....I guess ideally, I am hoping for more parallelization here
so these big files are processed on multiple nodes and my map/reduce is
written so the map jobs should be running close to where the data is
being written too(and processed as well after the write), but of course
far from the input files which are most likely not on the same nodes as
where the data will be stored.


Thanks for any input on this,


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