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From <Patrick...@quantatw.com>
Subject Are HDFS blocks stored contiguously in disks ?
Date Mon, 27 Sep 2010 11:48:42 GMT
It is well-known that a HDFS file is divided into several chunks of blocks. Each block is
the basic storage unit. To improve the read/write performance each block would be better stored
contiguously in the disk to reduce the seek time. But we have the concern that HDFS is built
upon Linux OS which might scatter its files around disks. This might break our contiguity
property. If HDFS can waive this concern, how does it achieve this?

Best Regards,

Patrick Yu (游昭霖)
Cloud Computing Research Center,
Quanta Research Institute
+886-3-3272345 Ext 18926
211, Wen Hwa 2nd Rd., Kui Shan, Tao Yuan, 33377, Taiwan
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