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From Sean Bigdatafun <sean.bigdata...@gmail.com>
Subject dfs.data.dir and "hadoop namenode -format"
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2010 06:53:30 GMT
Can someone tell me what "hadoop namenode -format" does under the hood?

I have started my HDFS cell with the following configuration.

Overtime, I want to add another directory as the data.dir, how can I achieve

1) Can I simply edit "dfs.data.dir" in the hdfs-site.xml without stopping my

2) If 1) is not legitimate, can I run "stop-dfs.sh", then do 1) and then

3) My last question here is what "hadoop namenode -format" does. If I run it
on my Namenode, does it clean up the data.dir? and do I need to manually
clean up the data.dir on Datanode?


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