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From Todd Lipcon <t...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Exponential performance decay when inserting large number of blocks
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2010 21:34:24 GMT
Also, if you have the program you used to do the insertions, and could
attach it, I'd be interested in trying to replicate this on a test cluster.
If you can't redistribute it, I can start from scratch, but would be easier
to run yours.


On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 1:31 PM, Todd Lipcon <todd@cloudera.com> wrote:

> Hi Zlatin,
> This is a very interesting test you've run, and certainly not expected
> results. I know of many clusters happily chugging along with millions of
> blocks, so problems at 400K are very strange. By any chance were you able to
> collect profiling information from the NameNode while running this test?
> That said, I hope you've set the block size to 1KB for the purpose of this
> test and not because you expect to run that in production. Recommended block
> sizes are at least 64MB and often 128MB or 256MB for larger clusters.
> Thanks
> -Todd
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 1:21 PM, <Zlatin.Balevsky@barclayscapital.com>wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I am testing how HDFS scales with very large number of blocks.  I did
>> the following setup:
>> Set the default blocks size to 1KB
>> Started 8 insert processes, each inserting a 16MB file
>> Repeated the insert 3 times, keeping the already inserted files in HDFS
>> Repeated the entire experiment on one cluster with 4 and another with 11
>> identical datanodes (allocated through HOD)
>> Results:
>> The first 128MB (2^18 blocks) insert finished in 5 minutes.  The second
>> in 12 minutes.  The third didn't finish within 1 hour.  The 11-node
>> cluster was marginally faster.
>> Throughout this I was storing all available metrics.  There were no
>> signs of insufficient memory on any of the nodes; CPU usage and garbage
>> collections were constant throughout.  If anyone is interested I can
>> provide the recorded metrics.  I've attached a chart that looks clearly
>> logarithmic.
>> Can anyone please point to what could be the bottleneck here?  I'm
>> evaluating HDFS for usage scenarios requiring 2^(a lot more than 18)
>> blocks.
>> Bes <<insertion_rate_4_and_11_datanodes.JPG>> t Regards,
>> Zlatin Balevsky
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