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From Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <vino...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Hadoop 2.7.2 RC1
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 23:15:36 GMT
Okay, did a whole bunch of things on 2.7.2.

Fixing CHANGES.txt entry that Junping reported on the voting thread
 - 56e2dcc HADOOP-5323. Trash documentation should describe its directory structure and configurations.
(Weiwei Yang via ozawa) Moved entry from HDFS CHANGES.txt to that of common.

Detected one more issue: YARN-2859 addendum’s got missed in 2.7.2
 - 2e1c617 YARN-2859 addendum: move the entry from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 in hadoop-yarn/CHANGES.txt.
 - d738e2e YARN-2859.addendum: fix the remaining issue from the previous patch

Also removed multiple duplicate CHANGES.txt entries for MAPREDUCE-6549

 - 91b7f94 YARN-4326. Fix TestDistributedShell timeout as AHS in MiniYarnCluster no longer
binds to default port 8188. (Meng Ding via wangda)
 - 3c1b25b HADOOP-12413. AccessControlList should avoid calling getGroupNames in isUserInList
with empty groups. Contributed by Zhihai Xu. (cherry picked from commit b2017d9b032af20044fdf60ddbd1575a554ccb79)
 - 17ad3b1 HADOOP-12526. there are duplicate dependency definitions in pom's (sjlee)
 - c3ba72c YARN-4241. Fix typo of property name in yarn-default.xml. Contributed by Anthony
 - 096ac9e MAPREDUCE-6540. TestMRTimelineEventHandling fails (sjlee)
 - 3c0e4de HDFS-8615. Correct HTTP method in WebHDFS document. Contributed by Brahma Reddy
 - ad829ff MAPREDUCE-6377. JHS sorting on state column not working in webUi. Contributed by
zhihai xu. (cherry picked from commit 790a861766dcd60212d83f444f2f96d3acf20a94)
 - 10f23dc HDFS-9431. DistributedFileSystem#concat fails if the target path is relative. Contributed
by Kazuho Fujii.
 - 10a6298 YARN-4344. NMs reconnecting with changed capabilities can lead to wrong cluster
resource calculations. Contributed by Varun Vasudev (cherry picked from commit d36b6e045f317c94e97cb41a163aa974d161a404)
 - 09d3e47 HDFS-9289. Make DataStreamer#block thread safe and verify genStamp in commitBlock.
Contributed by Chang Li.
 - 89f6716 MAPREDUCE-5883. "Total megabyte-seconds" in job counters is slightly misleading.
Contributed by Nathan Roberts (cherry picked from commit cab3c7c8892ad33a7eb0955b01e99872ab95e192)
 - 4e84a8b YARN-4365. FileSystemNodeLabelStore should check for root dir existence on startup.
Contributed by Kuhu Shukla (cherry picked from commit f5acf94ecafb301a0cc8e8f91f19c8bcbc8da701)
 - 4765a65 MAPREDUCE-6549. multibyte delimiters with LineRecordReader cause duplicate records
(wilfreds via rkanter) (cherry picked from commit 7fd00b3db4b7d73afd41276ba9a06ec06a0e1762)
 - 0fc19f6 YARN-4348. ZKRMStateStore.syncInternal shouldn't wait for sync completion for avoiding
blocking ZK's event thread. (ozawa)
 - 3e192f8 YARN-4434. NodeManager Disk Checker parameter documentation is not correct. Contributed
by Weiwei Yang.

Ran these tests that got changed in the above patches, before pushing the backports:
 - TestAccessControlList,DFSTestUtil,TestCommitBlockWithInvalidGenStamp,TestHDFSConcat,TestLineRecordReader,TestMRTimelineEventHandling,TestDistributedShell,TestFileSystemNodeLabelsStore,TestCapacityScheduler

@Junping, mind giving a look at the branch for sanity checks?


> On Jan 13, 2016, at 11:02 AM, Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <vinodkv@apache.org> wrote:
> Thanks for the comments Tsuyoshi / Andrew / Varun / Junping / Akira.
> I agree that where possible we should serialize releases and make them incremental w.r.t
> Will roll a new RC for 2.7.2 after the backports.
> If there are more thoughts on releases, which I’m sure we will all do have, let’s
fork the thread off from this voting conversation.
> Thanks
> +Vinod
>> On Dec 29, 2015, at 6:50 AM, Junping Du <jdu@hortonworks.com <mailto:jdu@hortonworks.com>>
>> I am +1 with pulling all of these tickets into 2.7.2. 
>> - For “any fix in 2.6.3 to be there in all releases that get out after 2.6.3 release
>> Shall we conclude this as a general rule - "any fix in 2.x.y to be there in all 2.b.c
releases (while b>=x) that get out after 2.x.y release date"? I am generally fine with
this, but just feel it sounds to set too strong restrictions among branches. Some fixes could
be trivial (test case fix, etc.) enough to deserve more flexibility.​ I would prefer this
rule only applies on critical/blocker fixes, but not applies on minor/trivial issues.
>> Just 2 cents.
>> Thanks,
>> Junping
>> From: Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <vinodkv@apache.org <mailto:vinodkv@apache.org>>
>> Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2015 12:47 AM
>> To: Junping Du
>> Cc: mapreduce-dev@hadoop.apache.org <mailto:mapreduce-dev@hadoop.apache.org>;
yarn-dev@hadoop.apache.org <mailto:yarn-dev@hadoop.apache.org>; common-dev@hadoop.apache.org
<mailto:common-dev@hadoop.apache.org>; hdfs-dev@hadoop.apache.org <mailto:hdfs-dev@hadoop.apache.org>
>> Subject: Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Hadoop 2.7.2 RC1
>> I retract my -1. I think we will need to discuss this a bit more.
>> Beyond those two tickets, there are a bunch more (totaling to 16) that are in 2.6.3
but *not* in 2.7.2. See this: https://issues.apache.org/jira/issues/?jql=key%20in%20%28HADOOP-12526%2CHADOOP-12413%2CHADOOP-11267%2CHADOOP-10668%2CHADOOP-10134%2CYARN-4434%2CYARN-4365%2CYARN-4348%2CYARN-4344%2CYARN-4326%2CYARN-4241%2CYARN-2859%2CMAPREDUCE-6549%2CMAPREDUCE-6540%2CMAPREDUCE-6377%2CMAPREDUCE-5883%2CHDFS-9431%2CHDFS-9289%2CHDFS-8615%29%20and%20fixVersion%20!%3D%202.7.0
>> Two options here, depending on the importance of ‘causality' between 2.6.x and
2.7.x lines.
>>  - Ship 2.7.2 as we voted on here
>>  - Pull these 16 tickets into 2.7.2 and roll a new RC
>> What do people think? Do folks expect “any fix in 2.6.3 to be there in all releases
that get out after 2.6.3 release date (December 16th)”?
>> Thanks
>> +Vinod
>>> On Dec 23, 2015, at 12:37 PM, Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli <vinodkv@apache.org
<mailto:vinodkv@apache.org>> wrote:
>>> Sigh. Missed this.
>>> To retain causality ("any fix in 2.6.3 will be there in all releases that got
out after 2.6.3”), I’ll get these patches in.
>>> Reverting my +1, and casting -1 for the RC myself.
>>> Will spin a new RC, this voting thread is marked dead.
>>> Thanks
>>> +Vinod
>>>> On Dec 22, 2015, at 8:24 AM, Junping Du <jdu@hortonworks.com <mailto:jdu@hortonworks.com>>
>>>> However, when I look at our commit log and CHANGES.txt, I found something
we are missing:
>>>> 1. HDFS-9470 and YARN-4424 are missing from the 2.7.2 branch and RC1 tag.
>>>> 2. HADOOP-5323, HDFS-8767 are missing in CHANGE.txt

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