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From "Aaron T. Myers" <...@cloudera.com>
Subject Re: Hadoop encryption module as Apache Chimera incubator project
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2016 01:44:29 GMT
+1 for Hadoop depending upon Chimera, assuming Chimera can get
hosted/released under some Apache project umbrella. If that's Apache
Commons (which makes a lot of sense to me) then I'm also a big +1 on
Andrew's suggestion that we make it a separate module.

Uma, would you be up for approaching the Apache Commons folks saying that
you'd like to contribute Chimera? I'd recommend saying that Hadoop and
Spark are both on board to depend on this.

Aaron T. Myers
Software Engineer, Cloudera

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 4:31 PM, Andrew Wang <andrew.wang@cloudera.com>

> Thanks Uma for putting together this proposal. Overall sounds good to me,
> +1 for these improvements. A few comments/questions:
> * If it becomes part of Apache Commons, could we make Chimera a separate
> JAR? We have real difficulties bumping dependency versions right now, so
> ideally we don't need to bump our existing Commons dependencies to use
> Chimera.
> * With this refactoring, do we have confidence that we can get our desired
> changes merged and released in a timely fashion? e.g. if we find another
> bug like HADOOP-11343, we'll first need to get the fix into Chimera, have a
> new Chimera release, then bump Hadoop's Chimera dependency. This also
> relates to the previous point, it's easier to do this dependency bump if
> Chimera is a separate JAR.
> Best,
> Andrew
> On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 11:46 PM, Gangumalla, Uma <
> uma.gangumalla@intel.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi Devs,
> >
> >   Some of our Hadoop developers working with Spark community to implement
> > the shuffle encryption. While implementing that, they realized some/most
> of
> > the code in Hadoop encryption code and their  implemention code have to
> be
> > duplicated. This leads to an idea to create separate library, named it as
> > Chimera (https://github.com/intel-hadoop/chimera). It is an optimized
> > cryptographic library. It provides Java API for both cipher level and
> Java
> > stream level to help developers implement high performance AES
> > encryption/decryption with the minimum code and effort. Chimera was
> > originally based Hadoop crypto code but was improved and generalized a
> lot
> > for supporting wider scope of data encryption needs for more components
> in
> > the community.
> >
> > So, now team is thinking to make this library code as open source project
> > via Apache Incubation.  Proposal is Chimera to join the Apache as
> > incubating or Apache commons for facilitating its adoption.
> >
> > In general this will get the following advantages:
> > 1. As Chimera embedded the native in jar (similar to Snappy java), it
> > solves the current issues in Hadoop that a HDFS client has to depend
> > libhadoop.so if the client needs to read encryption zone in HDFS. This
> > means a HDFS client may has to depend a Hadoop installation in local
> > machine. For example, HBase uses depends on HDFS client jar other than a
> > Hadoop installation and then has no access to libhadoop.so. So HBase
> cannot
> > use an encryption zone or it cause error.
> > 2. Apache Spark shuffle and spill encryption could be another example
> > where we can use Chimera. We see the fact that the stream encryption for
> > Spark shuffle and spill doesn’t require a stream cipher like AES/CTR,
> > although the code shares the common characteristics of a stream style
> API.
> > We also see the need of optimized Cipher for non-stream style use cases
> > such as network encryption such as RPC. These improvements actually can
> be
> > shared by more projects of need.
> >
> > 3. Simplified code in Hadoop to use dedicated library. And drives more
> > improvements. For example, current the Hadoop crypto code API is totally
> > based on AES/CTR although it has cipher suite configurations.
> >
> > AES/CTR is for HDFS data encryption at rest, but it doesn’t necessary to
> > be AES/CTR for all the cases such as Data transfer encryption and
> > intermediate file encryption.
> >
> >
> >
> >  So, we wanted to check with Hadoop community about this proposal. Please
> > provide your feedbacks on it.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Uma
> >

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