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From Akira AJISAKA <ajisa...@oss.nttdata.co.jp>
Subject Re: [UPDATE] New ASF git policy on force-pushes / Tags / Stale branches
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 02:28:10 GMT
Thanks Vinod for the information.

+1 for removing origin/bracnh-2.8 and origin/sjlee/hdfs-merge.

In addition, I'm thinking we need to delete origin/master,
which was pushed wrongly. I've already deleted
origin/ajisakaa/common-merge before force-push protection starts.

 > — There is a general recommendation from INFRA team to take all of 
our existing release tags under "tags" and copy them to “rel”.

+1 for following the recommendation.


On 1/15/16 06:26, Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli wrote:
> Hi all,
> As some of you have noticed, we have an update from ASF infra on git branching policy:
We no longer have a ASF wide mandate on disallowing force-pushes on all branches / tags.
> Summarizing information from the INFRA email for the sake of clarity in the midst of
recent confusion
>   - We now can do force pushes, and branch/tag deletion on any branch or tag except refs/tags/rel
>   - Any force pushes will be annotated in the commit-email as “[Forced Update!]”
for the community to watch out for undesired force-pushes
>   - Only tags under refs/tags/rel are protected from force-push for the sake of release-provenance:
Essentially, the releases that community votes on are archived in their entirety with the
development history and we cannot alter that once a tag is created. As one might expect.
> What this means for us
>   - Stale branches: There are a few stale branches that got accumulated.
>      — During this branch moratorium, origin/bracnh-2.8 got created (May be as part
of HDFS-8785, can’t say for sure)
>      — A couple of stale branches that helped 2.6.1 release: origin/sjlee/hdfs-merge
and origin/ajisakaa/common-merge
>      — I’ll wait till EOD tomorrow for any yays/nays and delete them
>   - Feature branch updates: Developers can now go rebase and force-push their feature
>   - Mainline branches: Mainline branches like trunk, branch-2 have always been configured
to avoid force-pushes. In general, force-push continues to be recommended mainly for feature
branches and definitely not on any mainline branches from which we make releases.
>   - Release tags:
>      — To follow ASF provenance policy, we will now push the final release tags under
refs/tags/rel. We will first push the RC tags under where they reside now (refs/tags) and
if the vote passes, the final tag will be created under refs/tags/rel.
>      — I’ll update our release wiki page http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/HowToRelease
<http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/HowToRelease> with the same details once I can get 2.7.2
release done using this updated process.
>   - Existing release tags:
>      — There is a general recommendation from INFRA team to take all of our existing
release tags under "tags" and copy them to “rel”.
>      — I’ll wait till EOD tomorrow for any yays/nays and copy existing releases under
refs/tags/rel following general recommendations.
> Any comments / thoughts / questions welcome.
> Thanks
> +Vinod

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